Winners, Awards and Recognition

Congratulations Ballons

1.  Shweta Modi won the Middlesex County Good Citizenship Award (2013) for her essay on national patriotism and youth.  The essay contest was sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

2.  10-Minute Play Festival at Edison High School (2014)

Festival location:  The Choir Room
Date:  Wed, April 30th
Time:  7pm
 Original plays selected:
“Angel” by Nick Bilis (Directed by Rach Phelan)
“The Chance” by Muskan Mahajan (Directed by Steven Mourad)
“The Conversation” by Erin Kupst (Directed by Julian Baro)
“Maple” by Rach Phelan (Directed by Shannon Tonra)
“School at War” by Nick Bilis, Hayley Herman, Erin Kupst, Nick Martin, Ryan Mulroney, Rach Phelan, Ryan Seesselberg, and Shannon Tonra (Directed by Jake Goode)
“Shadow Man” by Halley Adler, Sydney Berg, Eugene Jang, Valerie Lombardo, and Joe Sclabbia (Directed by Carlos Velazquez)
3. The Edison Mayor’s Office displayed EHS student picture book art in 2014. Check out the images created by Visual Arts 1 students for the 28-page picture books written by Creative Writing students. These mixed media images were drawn mainly using pen and ink and water color.
4.  Sahil Aneja and Malisa Ray are published writers on Amazon.
5.  Amy Mei has her own successful online business.
6.  Reality is a feature film about climate change by Vallab, the Executive Director of Earth Youth Environmental Society (trailer, film incomplete).

7.  Three of Angelia Silvero‘s poems were published by Creative Communication.  She has also written a story that is featured on this page.

8.  Eddie Lin is the AUsome Balloon Creator who makes balloon art for local and regional events, such as the Metuchen June Bug Art Festival and New York City’s annual Passport to Taiwan.  Eddie has traveled to Tawain to develop his art and participate in events there as well.  Recently, he was featured on the NBC News website.

9.  Destini Preisler‘s poem “Blue” advanced to the semi-final round of the National Amateur Poetry Competition.  Destini’s poem will also be featured in Where the Mind Dwells, a book published by the competition organizers that will be available on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble.

10.  Edison 10-Minute Play Festival (2015)

featuring EHS and JPS writers and performers

When: Wednesday, 4/29
Time: 7 P.M. – 9 P.M.
Where: EHS Choir Room

Original plays selected:

“Wait, Where’d My Friend Go?” by Qainat Kashmiri (EHS)

“In the End” by Sang Nguyen (EHS)

“Can We, Please?” by Destini Preisler (EHS)

“Hey, Remember That Time?” by Rebecca Temple (EHS)

“Dial Tone” by Zenobia Tamboly (JPS)

“The Case of Facebook v. Tumblr” by Tanya Banerjee, Juhi Patel, and Meghan Spatz (JPS)

11.    Teen Ink has published six pieces by Michaela, including poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

12.  Echoes in the Home News Tribune, an article by Susan Bloom

13.  Employees Must Wash Hands, a short film by Kahlil Maskati, graduate of EHS and winner of the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award, NYU-Tisch 2014

14.  Odyssey has featured No, I Did Not “Hop the Border” To Get Here, a personal essay by Julian Baro, as well as other pieces by him.

15.  Foram‘s Eyes are the Windows to the Soul, a realistic flash fiction piece, was the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award on the Major Reads website in July 2016.

16.  Ballet is truly who I am, a video and commentary by Grace that features her successful performances.

17.  Marissa‘s Finger Slaves was originally published on Teen Ink.

18.  Terrel‘s Bluff was originally published on Teen Ink.

19.  Jessica Momanyi won the $100 prize for Writing and Performance at the Edison High School Poetry Slam on April 20th, 2017.  Destiny Valerio won Honorable Mention for Writing.

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