New inventions have turned science fiction into science fact.  Check out the links below.  Questions to consider:  Will you write a science fiction short story or novel that becomes fact?  Have you done so already?  What will you invent in the future?  Have you invented something already?  Did you complete a cool science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) project for one of your classes? If yes, please share and tell us about your story, invention, or project.  We would like to feature your work and you on this website!

The Offering, a flash fiction piece by Alyssa inspired by a project by students in Mr. Kerrins’ Technology Education class

A Look At My Life (in two minutes), a video using Animaker by Abeer

iStudent 11, a parody by Tiffany

13 Technologies That Were First Imagined in Science Fiction, by Dylan Love

21 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts, by Donna Dickens

In One Chart, by Ria Misra


Two Strategies for Repairing Humans, by Sonia Arrison

When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact on YouTube

8 Star Trek Technology Moving from Science Fiction to Science Fact, by Paul Hsieh

20th Century Innovation Timeline

Timeline from the 1600s to the 2010s

What It Takes to Become an All Project-Based School, by Katrina Schwartz

What letter should we add to STEM? a video by The Atlantic

STEM + Art = STEAM, by Camille Obert-Goralski

Could Storytelling Be the Secret Sauce to STEM Education?, by Katrina Schwartz

storytelling 2


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