Please submit all pieces using this form.

Echoes Literary Magazine Online provides an outlet and community for creative students at Edison High School in Edison, NJ.  That means YOU.  If you are human, you are creative.  We welcome submissions of original poems/spoken word/raps, flash fiction and short stories, essays/non-fiction, inventions, STEM and history projects, children’s books, plays, novels, and art/photos/music/videos/films of all kinds.  We also look forward to your participation in the Echoes Coffee House open mic series as well as other events. Go for it. Your creativity is amazing!  🙂

If you are not a member of the EHS community, you may also submit a piece.  Please follow the guidelines below.  Thank you for your contribution.

Submission policy:  Since our goal is to provide students of all kinds with the opportunity to share their pieces, our submission policy is open.  However, not all pieces will be posted immediately.   After you submit your piece, it will be reviewed and may be returned with suggestions or turned down for various reasons.  You may resubmit afterward.  Maximum number of pages for ALL submissions: 3. Maximum time length: none. Please indicate if submission is an excerpt.

Deadline: We have a rolling submissions policy. Students and teachers will determine their own deadlines and submit when ready.

Permission slip:  a parent/guardian must sign an electronic permission slip (or hard copy) in order for any piece to be published on this website.  Upon approval of a piece, we will send a permission slip.  Thank you.

Please include a few sentences about yourself also.  Mention your name, grade, inspirations, how long you have been writing, and/or what materials you used, for example.

Students who have published books on Amazon (or elsewhere), placed in or won contests, written a paper for an academic program or internship, or have a successful online presence of some sort are also welcome to submit information and links.

Please submit all pieces using this form.

Yours truly,

Period 12 and Period 1 Creative Writing Class, Writing, Editing, Publicity, Promotions

Justine and Qainat, Masters of Ceremonies

Sang, Cate, Destiny, former Masters of Ceremonies

Harshimjot, former Facebook/Twitter/Social Media Coordinator, Recruiter, Videographer, and Master of Ceremonies

Malisa and Rishi, former Masters of Ceremonies

Muskan, Cover Image Designer

Shruti, former Artist

Ms. DiOrio, Advisor and Teacher

Note:  unless a photographer, artist, or designer is indicated, all images on this website were obtained from a Google image search.  We, at Echoes, do not claim these images as our own.


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