Employees Must Wash Hands, a short film by Kahlil Maskati, graduate of EHS and winner of the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award, NYU-Tisch 2014

Haunted House Mystery, an original short play by students in Creative Writing and Ms. DiOrio (2015)

Edison 10-Minute Play Festival (2015)

Support EHS and JPS writers and performers!

When: Wednesday, 4/29

Time: 7 P.M. – 9 P.M.

Where: EHS Choir Room

Admission: FREE

Snacks and beverages provided

Original plays selected:

“Wait, Where’d My Friend Go?” by Qainat Kashmiri (EHS)

“In the End” by Sang Nguyen (EHS)

“Can We, Please?” by Destini Preisler (EHS)

“Hey, Remember That Time?” by Rebecca Temple (EHS)

“Dial Tone” by Zenobia Tamboly (JPS)

“The Case of Facebook v. Tumblr” by Tanya Banerjee, Juhi Patel, and Meghan Spatz (JPS)


EHS 10-Minute Play Festival (2014)

Festival location:  The Choir Room
Date:  Wed, April 30th
Time:  7pm
 Original plays selected:
“Angel”Nick Bilis (Directed by Rach Phelan)
“The Chance”Muskan Mahajan (Directed by Steven Mourad)
“The Conversation”Erin Kupst (Directed by Julian Baro)
“Maple”Rach Phelan (Directed by Shannon Tonra)
“School at War”Nick Bilis, Hayley Herman, Erin Kupst, Nick Martin, Ryan Mulroney, Rach Phelan, Ryan Seesselberg, and Shannon Tonra (Directed by Jake Goode)
“Shadow Man” – Halley Adler, Sydney Berg, Eugene Jang, Valerie Lombardo, and Joe Sclabbia (Directed by Carlos Velazquez)
We look forward to seeing you at the festival!
Admission is $5.00.  All ticket sales go to future theater productions.
Post-show comment:  The EHS 10-Minute Play Festival was fantastic! The kids did a great job writing, directing, reading, and fielding questions during the talk-back sessions. Ms. Singer, their theater teacher, ran the event like a true professional dynamo. I enjoyed working with her behind the scenes. Such a collaboration makes me proud to be an educator.  ~ Ms. DiOrio

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