Writing inspires music, song, video, film.  They also inspire writing.

If you would like a video or movie removed for any reason, please contact

From 2016-2017 school year:

Ballet is truly who I am, a video by Grace

From 2015-16 school year:

Meditation from Thaïs, featuring senior Lia Davies on violin and graduate Harrison Lee on piano at the EHS Tri-M Music Honor Society Showcase

Fascination with Balloon Art Grows into an ‘Ausome’ Opportunity, by Stephany Bai, NBC News (with video)

On Instagram: Echoes Coffee House

Employees Must Wash Hands, a short film by Kahlil Maskati, Class of 2011 and winner of the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award (NYU-Tisch 2014)

A Look At My Life (in two minutes), a video using Animaker by Abeer

From 2014-15 school year:

Is imagination/creativity more important than knowledge?  (various TED Talks)

What letter should we add to STEM? (a video by The Atlantic)

When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact (on YouTube)

Reality, a film about climate change by Vallab, Junior at EHS and Executive Director of Earth Youth Environmental Society

Math Class Needs a Makeover, by Dan Meyer

Beauty and truth in physics, by Murray Gell-Mann

Why truly innovative science demands a leap into the unknown, by Uri Alon

From 2013-14 school year:

Traces of Wonder, by Amy

Mixtape, by Dan


On behalf of Echoes Literary Magazine Online and Assertive Teens Against Cancer, I’d like to thank everyone who supported and attended the February and March 2014 coffee houses/open mics, including administrators, teachers, students, custodians, and other staff members.  They were a success!  The range of talent at Edison High School is astounding.

If you are on Facebook, the pictures and videos of today’s event will be posted soon.  February pictures and videos are already posted.   Our Echoes page is located here: .
We also enjoyed great (and framed!) art thanks to Mrs. Colletto and her Visual Arts 1 students and delicious baked goods supplied by the members of A.T.A.C. and Echoes as well as others.  We even shed a few tears.  As one student said when she left the library, “Singing makes me melt.”
The amazing picture book art is located on this Echoes page:

Stories, poetry, art, dance, and music definitely restore and inspire, especially after a long winter.

Take care,
Ms. DiOrio  🙂
English teacher
Advisor, Echoes Literary Magazine Online

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