Employees Must Wash Hands

a short film by Kahlil Maskati, graduate of Edison High School

A despondent young man finds guidance in the men’s room.

*Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award, NYU-Tisch 2014*

Kahlil Maskati is a graduate of Edison High School.  He says, “I was born and raised in Edison, NJ, and have been making movies with my friends ever since I was 10 years old. My favorite assignments at EHS were always video projects, which my classmates would love. So, I applied to NYU for film and got in! This movie was an idea I had since freshman year, but I knew I wanted to turn it into my Junior Year film. And here it is! It was my first experience making a film with a full crew and allotment of equipment, so it was a great learning experience. Not to mention, it has been selected to several NY/NJ film festivals and won the NYU Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award! Thank you to Mrs. DiOrio for inspiring me along the way, and I hope you enjoy!”


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