Picture Book Art 2013-14

During the first marking period, Creative Writing students composed narratives for 28-page children’s picture books.  After the stories were finished, Ms. DiOrio asked if art students would create images for the covers of and pages inside the picture books.   The answer was yes.  Visual Arts 1 students drew these mixed media images mainly using pen and ink and water color. Thank you, Mrs. Colletto and art students.  We enjoyed collaborating with you!

We are happy to announce that these images were displayed at the Edison Mayor’s Office this year.



Title:  Slay’s Challenge

Author:  Nimra  Fatima

Illustrator:  Chloe Cruz

Summary:  Will Slay find his true place in the world of humans?


Title:  A Bright Christmas

Author:  Angel Demaala

Illustrator:  Angelica Marquez

Summary:  This Christmas Mary has to make the life-changing decision of giving her presents away.


Title: Junebug

Author:  Marissa Szente

Illustrator:  Nadia Rocha


Title:  Samantha’s Visit to the Galaxy

Author:  Harshimjot Ahluwalia

Illustrator:  Jaime Munoz

Summary:  Samantha visits the galaxy beyond herself and encounters her dreams.


Title:  Working on a Lovely Christmas

Author:  Haley Humphrey

Illustrator:  Megan Cranston


Title:  On a Sunny Sunday

Author:  Hadia Malik

Illustrator:  Kat Reyes

Summary:  A girl finds her imagination by reading books on a sunny Sunday.


Title:  The Boy’s Song

Author:  Kristine Nguyen

Illustrator:  Rachel Ryzewicz

Summary:  A lonely boy lives on the planet of Phandone, where he spends his days taking care of the planet and watching the sun set by himself. One day a flower blooms, sparking his interest.


Title:  The Swan Who Was Scared

Author:  Muskan Mahajan

Illustrator:  Maria Rystsov

Summary:  A swan learns that she can overcome stage fright, if she has her friend by her side and the passion for dance.


Title:  Ellie and the Paint Things

Author:  Krista LaMerrill

Illustrator:  Sarah Nehila


Title:  What’s Behind the Closet?

Author:  Veronica Malabuyoc

Illustrator:  Anthony Augustine

Summary:  Will Jack ever find out what’s behind the closet and will he get his favorite toy back?


Title:  The Purple People

Author:  Veronica Novembre

Illustrator:  Teresa Lan

Summary:  A young boy and his sister help their alien neighbors overcome the struggles of prejudice.


Title:  My Baby Brother

Author:  Kristina Thau

Illustrator:  Nikita Modi


Title:  Lilly’s Special Bike

Author:  Brianna del Rio

Illustrator:  Robbie Cleary

Summary:  Lilly experiences the difficulties of responsibility when her grandmother buys her a bike for her birthday.


Title:  A Child’s Lesson

Author:  Alana Candido

Illustrator:  Kevin Flores


Title:  Mia’s Dream

Author:  Laura Castiblanco

Illustrator:  Joohee Park

Summary:  Mia explores her imagination and discovers her personal dreams.


Title:  One Step Closer to Saving the World

Author:  Shawn Juchnewicz

Illustrator:  Anthony Montalto

Summary:  Two boys go on an adventure but make an almost fatal mistake by polluting their favorite clubhouse.


Title:  The Adventures of Ben and Louie

Author:  Nick Yanik

Illustrator: Sukhpal Singh

Summary:  A toddler and his best friend go on an adventure to the toilet and find themselves in deep trouble.


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