Traces of Wonder

Traces of Wonder
by Amy

Here’s the channel link:

Amy is a junior. She says, “Throughout the years, art has truly found its way into my heart. Ever since I was child, I have always been fascinated by art because it is something that everyone can perceive and enjoy differently. I was inspired to start my duct tape business because growing up without the ballast of a steady income brutally challenged me to reevaluate my purpose in life. Living impecuniously had left me despondent, as it shattered my hopes and confidence from within; it progressively swallowed me into an everlasting state of mental and psychological defeat. Being burdened by the duress of financial struggles gradually inspired me to take action to help ameliorate my family’s financial situation. In the 9th grade, I accidently clicked on a duct tape wallet tutorial on YouTube and was instantly captivated. From there, I bought my first rolls of tape and cutting knives and began to sell my handmade duct tape wallets, bracelets, and flower keychains to family and friends as a means of an allowance; however, with the encouragement of my parents, I finally decided to aggrandize myself through YouTube. I was so amazed that strangers were watching my videos, and were even asking for commissions and orders because they were genuinely interested in my crafts made from just simple rolls of duct tape! To date, I have shipped my crafts to more than 25 states, including Hawaii, California, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Massachusetts — and even Canada! I am also now financially independent of my parents as I pay for all of my own personal expenses such as school books, exam fees, piano lessons, clothes, crafting supplies and even some of their share as well! Despite my prior doubts of starting my business, I am so glad I tried something so different because the knowledge and experience I’ve accrued in this process have molded my understanding of people and even myself. It has even inspired me to pursue a career in the business field in college! Overall, it has truly been a humbling experience that I deeply appreciate; without it, I would not be me.”


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