an ode
by Destini

I chose you.

I brought you home

And held you in my lap

The whole way home.

You shook and you quivered

And nipped at my fingers.

Yet I comforted you.

I built your house inside our home

And placed you inside the white barred doors.

The love I felt was overwhelming.

My first pet.

You stayed in my room.

We slept together.

Through all the hurt,

We cried together.

Your soft feathers resting against my face,

As you cuddled up on my shoulder.

Afternoons spent

Singing to you in the spring breeze.

Two women.

Two Species.

One bond.

The sweet kisses on my cheek.

The small breaths of life on my face.

All gone with one mistake.

He did it.

He crushed you.

I was gone for only a minute.

Back in time for you to die in my hands.

The first tear down my cheek,

As your last breath hit my face.

I will never love any bird as much as you.

You will forever and always be in my heart, my dear Blue.

Destini is a senior.  She says, “I am more of a songwriter than a poet.  I have been writing songs since fourth grade and love singing and writing.”


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