Photos of the Edison 10-Minute Play Festival on April 29th

The following photos highlight the EHS and JPS writers and performers at the Edison 10-Minute Play Festival on April 29th. The first photo below is of five of the eight writers featured at the festival (bottom left: Sang Nguyen; bottom right: Quainat Kashmiri; middle: Zenobia Tamboly; top left:  Rebecca Temple; and top right:  Destini Preisler).

Play Fest 2

The Plays

Wait, Where Did My Friend Go?

by Qainat Kashmiri (EHS)

Stage Directions: Melissa Anderson

Mom: Hayley Herman

Sybil: Rosbeli Cieza

S: Jessie Riley

Play Fest 12

Hey, Remember That Time?

by Rebecca Temple (EHS)

Stage Directions: Jacqueline Rodriguez

Liz: Dinah Rabinovich

Kate: Rosbeli Cieza

Play Fest 11

Can We, Please?

by Destini Preisler (EHS)

Stage Directions: Dinah Rabinovich

Dad: Mark Roberts

Mom: Jacqueline Rodriguez

Ally: Melissa Anderson

Play Feest 6

Dial Tone

by Zenobia Tamboly (JPS)

Stage Directions/Narrator: Zenobia Tamboly

Phone Operator: Gabie Abarquez

Josh: Zach Larobis

Nathan: Blair Haigler

Mom: Jayne Chacko

Wayne: Matt Flores

Therapist: Tara Shukla

Play Fest 5

The Case of Facebook v. Tumblr

by Tanya Banerjee (JPS)

      Juhi Patel (JPS)

      Meghan Spatz (JPS)

Stage Directions/Narrator: Zenobia Tamboly

Facebook- Maya Robles

Tumblr- Priya Mukerjee

Judge Twitter- Marisa Campione

Baliff- Asaiyah Williams

Vine- Aaron Penzel


Tara Shukla, Gabie Abarquez, Zach Larobis, Blair Haigler, Jayne Chacko,  Matt Flores, Julia Rocha

Play Fest 4

In The End

by Sang Nguyen (EHS)

Stage Directions: Hayley Herman

Davis: Alex Robinson

Devil: Oryan Mendoza

Play Fest 3

Echoes would like to thank Ms. Elford, Ms. Rich, Mrs. Weigele, Ms. DiOrio, and the EHS Administration for their support.

See you next year!  🙂


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