a social commentary by Matthew

“In 2018 I am cutting out all the negative people in my life. This year is mine and if you were ever rude to me consider you out of my life for good,” say so many people at the start of a new year.

This has been a constant phrase spread throughout multiple aspects of social media. Yes, negative people are not beneficial to your health aspect. But do people really have a say in eliminating people immediately out of their life? People are snakes, they slither their way back into people’s lives unnoticed. Whether it be constant messages or phone calls, a coincidental encounter at a store, the stalking of social media, or even adding another person to detect certain areas of the person that had blocked you out. Regardless of how much you could possibly ignore someone, that person will still feed on the neglect, becoming more determined to contact you in hope of forgiveness. They will value the good memories compacted in their mind and cherish them with the belief the memories can be revived once more. You not only need these negative people in your life, but you will desire them and use them as inspiration to work harder by proving them wrong. Erasing these people from your life just proves you want to take the easy route to success. But that is what everyone wants, right? Whatever happened to striving to succeed and pushing yourself? These “negative” people, as you call them, assist you, playing the role of an obstacle that doubts your success. Isn’t the feeling of proving someone that doubted you wrong a lot better than having succeeded without any hint of doubt? That just pushes another’s ego higher with them believing anything is easy in life. You can’t control who can be removed from your life for good. Either you may come back, wanting their attention that you valued ages ago, or they value your presence.

Matthew is a junior.  He says, “What inspired me to make this piece was the massive amount of tweets involving the concept of eliminating negative people.”


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