Glass Wall

a 50-word story by Syed


The wall separated this world from heaven. It was covered in poison ivy all over. Folks claim that any man who dares to touch it dies. That wasn’t the case for Archimedes. He scaled the wall. The government claims he didn’t exist. Word of mouth beats seeing around here.


Syed is a junior.  He says, “I have been interested in the topic of dystopia and have had the idea of writing my own dystopian novel since the beginning of the year. That interest really sparked when Ms. DiOrio, my teacher, assigned for homework a 50 word dystopian story. I explored and finally found the perfect theme. The story is basically about a wall that is covered in poison ivy. The government has spread the word that anyone who touches the wall dies; however, that is far from true. Archimedes tries to disprove this claim by scaling the wall to get to the other side and succeeds. The government then claims that the story of Archimedes is a myth, and, yet again, the people believe it. The story satirizes the gullibility of humanity.


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