Beauty is All I See

a free verse poem by Qainat

Oh, how I love the night!

I love when the sky is a shroud of lovely dark blue that covers the Earth after it falls asleep.

I love how the stars in the suburbs twinkle, dance, and tease throughout the night, waiting for your back to turn before they disappear.

I love how in the cities, tall buildings and bushy trees obscure the view and the lights of planes and helicopters become artificial stars.

I love the moon in all of its stages.

I love the moon as it turns from bright white to yellow to orange to red on special occasions we only ever dream to see.

I love how minuscule it is compared to the Sun yet we are able to see both with equal clarity.

I love the Sun’s rays, which have the capabilities of both beating and healing the Earth.

I love how nothing else can be as blinding in its presence.

I love how the Sun is most exuberant during the summer and shies away in the winter.

I love the Sun’s solitary way of living.

I love the clearness of the light blue color the sky changes into.

I love how it gets dressed in pink, red, and orange for its first impression.

Oh, how I love the day!

Qainat is a junior.  She says, “I like to appreciate the little things.”


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