Demise of the Innocent

a series of limericks by Serena

The sound of the gun is often heard,

Swift and sure as the sound of a bird.

People killing their own,

You’d have thought this country had grown.

It’s so funny how equality has blurred.

Ignorance, the cause of the diversity divide,

But these social “rules” I will not abide.

What does it matter if someone is gay or black?

Wounds past-healed now are back.

What could ever break the assumptions made by pride?

How is this country made to be heavenly?

In this place of fake freedoms, who is the true enemy?

What makes one better than the other

If they don’t treat them as a brother?

In the land of dreams, nightmares are destiny.

Serena is a 15-year-old freshman. She enjoys writing but was previously not interested in poetry until her Creative Writing teacher, Ms. DiOrio, introduced her to styles like limericks and haikus.   She says, “My writing doesn’t come from some random place. It takes me time to think of exactly what I want to say, but sometimes, especially when I want it the most, inspiration won’t come. I like focusing on things that matter in today’s society or what matters in my own heart.”


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