an ode by Terrel

You changed me, I also changed you.

The fact that you came out of my brain

Surprised me.


I named you that because you had it all:

Skill, talent, and a good looking lifestyle.

Because of you,

I opened my eyes

To see the other world

Beyond mine.

But this is just pretend

After all we sang “Yesterday Seven Years Old” and “Payphone” together,

Shared Ideas,

Fell in love,


Shared blood sweat and tears,

Became one.

But that was just pretend.

I remember when you were a thought,

My thought.

Well… now that we are like brothers,

You thought of me.

How sweet.

After all,

I paved your road, remember?

You then pulled me along.

Through this horrible,






Roller coaster called life.

Still, I think we both know that I’m too young to ride.

I’ll just stick with the merry go round.


Seeing you change,

Moving on,


You were once a shy boy.

(Yup, I remember that day.)

When you met her


she passed.

But within a few pages onward,


Winter Hamilton McKnight,

Were not just Pretend,

You were

My friend.

Terrel is a sophomore.  He says, “I am 15 years old and love writing. This is an ode to my first character from my full-length novel.”


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