One Melodic Day By Your Side

a prose poem by Haley

Your melodies dance across my ears and into my soul.  The curve of your smile as music eases your mind is so beautiful; you transcend into a zen escape from reality. Your sincerity in each word spoken is taken completely into my heart. I can almost taste the love of your passion, as each word slips off your tongue and into a joyful grin. We revive the derelict bench and its soul with the sweet tunes you pluck and strum; the bench resurrects through a beautiful awakening with the sounds of acoustic gems and giggles exchanged. I look into your brown eyes and feel my heart begin to race. Even more so when you look at me first. The amber bits within your eyes gleam bright; the green treetops above our heads compliment the color in your eyes that shines outward into my sight. Nature swishes subtle sounds, speaking wisdom in soft tones. I feel at peace with the slight wind in a sylvan setting. But you are of the most astounding view by my side. Nature radiates its beauty onto you; and the radiance that glows from your smile is dream-like. The sound of your voice is pure and everlasting. My admiration renders a million endearing descriptions of you. But my heart aches to know yours beats for someone who will never adore you as much as I do.

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