Bittersweet Goodbye and Cold Fire

lyric poems by Tiffany

Bittersweet Goodbye
If the Sun can shine all day,
So my smile can never fade,
I’ll hold your sweet memory forever.
To this day, I’ll forever say,
Never will I let you go to another person.
But Oh No! Please let this be temporary.
Oh, please, we are a bittersweet symphony.
I’ll hold your flavor long before I’ll truly savor.
Yet tears still trickle down my face because–
I won’t ever be that person to feast.
Please forgive me and I’ll wave away the Hershey’s.
For the sun needs to shine all day,
Yet now I see its shine slowly fade.
Dark Chocolate–this is our last blissful day.
Cold Fire
The embers burn with an orange glow.
The smoke billows in two rows.
It’s a small fire.
Illuminating both our souls,
and I look to you for solace.
But I can only find our former mess.
What a mess we had,
What a mess that left us restless.
It’s cold without your fire,
Your fire that wrapped me,
Your fire that enlivened me.
I cannot fight this desire
that burns my lone soul cold.
Tiffany is a junior.  She says, “I normally do not write poems, but I really enjoyed this assignment. My inspiration for these poems is Paul Simon’s ‘Slip Slidin’ Away,’ which conveyed a deep sense of vulnerability and an understanding of adversity.”

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