The Wilted Flower

in the style of Louise Glück’s  “The Red Poppy,” by Destini Preisler, Class of 2015

You forget

That I am still

Alive. Thoughts:

Oh, I have those; they

Consume me. I have

The weight of the world

On my shoulders, my feet

Stuck in place. I want to

Move, but I cannot. The

Sun singes my skin. The

Rain drowns my soul. The

Darkness engulfs me like a flame, attracted to gasoline.

Does no one see that I try so hard to stand,

But can only fall towards the ground?

I cannot see. Oh, my fellow observers,

Are you losing sight as well, watching blue and yellow,

Fade to black and grey? Because in truth,

I am dying now,

On my death bed. I speak

Because nothing matters in the end.

Destini is currently a student at Hofstra University majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism.




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