Normal Sober Thoughts


a Dada poem by Destini Preisler, Class of 2015

When I walked outside today, the sun was out.

I saw perfect stripes coming down.

Stripes that were melting left over snow.

Snow shoes are literally pointless.

You wear them one damn time in the winter,

When honestly, I can wear normal boots.

Normal boots to walk to the super market.

I start to look down the aisles. Ew!

Spaghettios are so nasty.

I don’t know how people it that.

The smell is gross and it tastes like vomit.

My brother eats it while watching basketball.

He watches the Knicks with my step dad.

Jump shot is a basketball term,

Which makes me mad since Hofstra was so close,

To making it to March Madness.

But of course, they had to mess up in overtime.

My brother mentioned that basketball,

Is getting bigger in San Antonio.

San Antonio has no effect on me,

Since I do not know where that is.

I am very bad at geography.

However if I had to guess,

It is probably in Texas.

Texas has turnpikes that are probably safe.

They also have horses, however,

The Hempstead Turnpike is dangerous,

And causes many accidents.

I once saw someone lose their red socks.

The Red Socks Team sucks! Go Yankees!

Who names a team after colored socks?

People who love the Red Socks, I have one thing to say;

You really are something else, you know that?

You really think that you’re the “ish.”

Destini is now a student at Hofstra University majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism.



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