a question and answer poem by Destini Preisler, Class of 2015

“Why is it so bright today?”

“Close the blinds.”

“Where is the light coming from?”

“Get away from the window.”

“How did we get into the house?”

“This is our home.”

“How did we get out of the car?”

“We always go home.”

“But, what happened to the other car?”

“Go brush your teeth.”

“Why am I going to sleep when it is only nine o’clock?”

“Go get in your pajamas.”

“Why is it still so bright?”

“Close your eyes.”

“What happened to the other people in the car?”

“Go to sleep.”

“Why did our cars get into a fight?”

“They were angry with each other.”

“Why were they angry?”

“Bad people want the world in darkness.”

“If we are not bad people, why can’t I go towards the light?”

“No one is leaving this house, go to bed.”

“Why is the brightness seeping in through the blinds?”

“I’ll close the curtains.”

“Can I please watch television?”

“Only for a little while.”

“Why is this red car chasing this blue car on all of the news stations?”

“Change that to cartoons.”

“Why weren’t you in the car with me?”

“You were with your friend for her birthday.”

“Why doesn’t her daddy like her family?”

“Some people should never drink.”

“Is that how daddy died?”


“Is my friend dead because her daddy drank too much?”

“Please go to sleep.”

“Why is it so bright in my room?”

“Lay on the couch.”

“The light feels nice; can I please go towards it?”

“No, you have to lay here.”

“My friend is dead isn’t she, and her daddy?”


“Do you believe in angels?”

“It is too bright in here.”

Destini is now a student at Hofstra University majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism.





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