A poem written in the quiet of the night

in free verse by Ananya
Crooked teeth with the yellow earbuds.
I like you and your Peter Pan hair.
I’ve heard you listening to Lou Reed
Your earbuds were too loud.
I would’ve tapped you on the shoulder right then and there and said “I love you” but I was too afraid because I knew you would be scared.
I love Lou Reed with a passion.
I love everyone.
I loved Juno freshman year.
I loved James yesterday.
I love everyone.
Please pity me until I am A lost pearl.
I finally talked to you Period 3.
Sophomore year.
We were in English class and you asked to borrow my pencil
My head wanted to tell you I loved you but my mouth was broken at the time.
I’ll give you my pencil.
I’ll give you my homework
You can borrow it but I want it back, ok?
I watch you squint your eyes at the homework because my handwriting is too,
Too small.
I am a DESPERATE GIRL and you look too cute doing that.
You’re very smart, you say.
Oh thank you.
And pretty.
Oh what a cliche boy
Pretty is not me. I am too hardcore for pretty.
I wear black ok? Even when I’m not wearing black I wear black and it’s so dark it’s not like, grey or anything.
Sundays In The Park.
I usually go to the park to breathe.
It’s hard at home because the cigarette smoke is too much to handle at times.
I see you listening to that loud music with your eyes closed.
Iggy pop?
Hey, you. I call out.
Yes, me? Oh hey, Ananya.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. I like Iggy Pop.
He is too beautiful for words.
Yes. Yes yes yes.
You are about to ask me something and I am hoping and praying it is what I am hoping.
I have been waiting for this moment forever. This moment where a mick jagger hips type of boy and chin up type of chin asked me for an 80’s plea.
Will you go out with me?
I want you to say it and I need you to mean it because when I asked Juno out I didn’t mean it and look where me and him are.
Too far apart.
Your lips open and part ever so slightly and don’t worry I’m not thinking anything sexual or anything because I don’t want to get ahead of myself, not that that would ever happen, but you are saying something now.
Do you know what the homework is for tomorrow?
There is no love behind that voice and it pains me so much my heart needs to be amputated so they amputate it while I say
No no no.
I am shaking.
Ananya is in 9th grade.  She says, “I have been writing poetry for about a year. A huge inspiration for my poetry is Dorothy Parker. I stumbled across a couplet of hers that stated, ‘Guys seldommake passes at girls who wear glasses.’ This strange, humor rich observation made me want to write my own poetry that was dark and universal.”

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