Sailor Anna

a flash/fan fiction piece by Destiny


From 238,900 miles away you could still see the misery Earth carried. There were no more blue oceans or vibrant fields. Only the color of brown waste was left. Who would have guessed that Earth would die so young? Just like…Anna.

Tears of hate filled my eyes as I stared out the window thinking about the hell that lay on that  disgusting planet. Silence started to slowly consume me before a loving voice liberated me, “Beth. Beth, look!” I turned to see Max smiling at me with a piece of bread between his teeth. He did a running pose and sang, “Sailor Moon!”  

I gave a serious look while rolling my eyes and said with sass, “Oh my God, you’re such an anime nerd!”

He came over snorting with laughter. He then wrapped his arms around my waist and came close to my ear, “I’m your anime nerd, baby.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I then bit the piece of bread out of his mouth. We stared at the view as I ate the rest of the bread and was hugged by Max’s strong arms.

“You okay?” Max asked with a grin from ear to ear.


“You sure? Because since we got here, I see you either looking out the window or crying or both. Come on, sugar, be happy.We made it.”

“ I-I just…don’t feel…feel…” What do I feel?

“Hey, look on the bright side. I heard there are no Republicans on Kepler.”

“Sounds like paradise,” I sarcastically replied.    

“Now come. Onward to the cafeteria! We must go to my beloved wife, Serena!”

“I thought I was your ‘beloved wife’?”

After that sentence, I started to remember all the times Anna would say that to Max after school. The way they sung the theme song always made me so happy.

Max replied, “Beth you’re my side when I’m with the sailor. Remember.” He winked and I rolled my eyes once again. Then he dragged me onward to our beloved sailor.

The cafeteria was like a high school lunchroom with ugly plastic tables. Being on this ship was like heaven itself because everything here was better than Earth. Although some things had stayed the same like the few families who sat in silence as tears filled their eyes. They just ate without a word. That’s what the Wastelands (or the working unit back on Earth) does to you. You soon become too frozen in the past to realize you’re moving into the future.

Max and I moved down the lunch line with a plate of mac and cheese with chocolate milk. Sometimes he talks me into doing the most childish things. It was like Anna never left, which made my heart hurt even more when I thought of her.

We sat down on an empty table watching Sailor Moon as we talked about our soon to be new lives on the Kepler planets. There were rumors of each planet being a bliss of clean air. The rich went to live there when Earth became ‘unlivable’ due to pollution. They left us to die. Only the ones who work hard and “redeem” themselves could get on the Kepler planets. In other words the ones who earned the most money. There were also strict population rules. Mostly the handicapped and the noticeably pregnant did not get in.

At curfew Max and I walked back in silence and stopped at the hallway with the giant window again. We just stared out not touching one another at all in the silence. I was tearing up again this time thinking about how Anna wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up. What would she say now if she saw this view?

“Beth,” Max had tears in his beautiful ocean eyes, “I’m sorry.”

I just stared at him in utter confusion. What do you mean? What have you done? I thought because I was too shocked to ask. I was expecting him to say something awful like we were going to be killed or, worse, that we were going back to Earth. Not what he said next,“I’m sorry I couldn’t save Anna…If only I could have kept her alive another year we could have…but I blew it, Beth. I let my little girl die without a future.”  He put his hands on his face like he was ashamed of his emotions.

In all our time being together I’ve never seen Max cry so much. When Anna was diagnosed with lung cancer, he smiled through the pain for her. When we couldn’t find enough money to eat, he cracked up food jokes all night until Anna fell asleep. When Anna actually died in his arms, he only shed a tear and then worked to the bone the next day so we could both get a ticket to Kepler. A new start. But through every crappy event in our miserable lives, he stayed my happy little husband. And here I was being his little miserable wife while he was slowly breaking in front of me. It was like I was becoming Earth. Just giving up on the people who needed me most. I hugged him tightly and Max buried his face in my amber hair and kissed the top of my head. I could tell he was still crying by the rise and fall of his chest.  

“It’s not your fault,” I croaked. “You were the best father to Anna…as long as she was happy you were doing everything right. You gave her spirit, a-a life, and you’re still doing it now.” I grabbed his face, so I could look into his sorrowful eyes. “As long as you keep on going, Anna will always live and you will keep being the best father in the world. You know why?” Max shook his head and hugged me tighter as we stared at each other. I then wiped a tear off his cheek with my thumb. “Because you let our daughter live with us even after death and if that’s not being one kick-ass father then…call me Sailor Uranus because I would rather live there then see you slowly die from guilt on Kepler.”     

He kissed me lightly on the lips and  then carried me to our room like we were on our honeymoon. I stared at him and said, “I love you!” He then threw me onto the bed and we laughed so hard we snorted as the moon shined its loving light through our window. Max came close to my ear, “I love you too.” He then started to kiss every inch of my face.


“Yes, Beth.”

“I need to tell you something…there’s another reason why I’ve been so depressed.”

He stopped kissing me and looked at me with the same confused face I gave him earlier. “What do you mean?”

“Max…do you think they’ll still let us on Kepler if I’m pregnant?”

Destiny is a junior.  She says, “I always thought I was the only kid who loved writing stories and poems in my school, but then when I took Creative Writing I learned that I was not alone. I found that there are lots of people in my class and school who are as crazy for writing as I am. I don’t feel alone anymore.”


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