a free verse poem by Gaby

This mask superglued upon my face,

all my friends are toxic.

I see myself out of mind, out of body, out of place.

The mask I’ll take off, it will leave a trace,

the fake smile I’m wearing it’s worn out.

This party I’m at take me home.

No one can hear me, so I scream, shout.

I need to leave, to roam.

Behind with all of my thoughts I left.

Finally in my bed alone, without them.

Closing my blitzed eyes off to a dream,

falling asleep was easy, there was no mask needed.

I’m happy in my dreams, I want that in real life I pleaded.

I’ll start again, a new day, ripping the dark moments out by the seams.

Gaby is a junior.  She says, “I’ve always loved writing; its the only form of speaking that I loved to do without actually having to talk.”






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