If Only Love Could Be A Bomb

a prose poem by Haley, who read this poem at the Candlelight Vigil on January 13th, 2016

CV Haley


Chaos is poisoning the world and terrorists are drinking it from a baby’s bottle. All encompassing is the suffering and grief that produces one million bleeding wounds. Goals and success diminish in each last breath and become robbed futures. We live in a world where danger is prevalent and repetitive; it looks like humanity has taken a backseat. Meek places turn into the red hues of hell and black spaces of the unknown.

If people learned to convert their strife into passions, this world would have more lives than victims. The “I love yous” exchanged at the door are so tense; the dangers of the world can take you under their wing in seconds. If only love could be a bomb…
Eyes would be filled with infatuation for everything and everyone. Grudges would dissolve like sugar cubes on our tongues. Nature would resurrect and so would our souls.



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