13 Sinful Shots

a free verse poem by Destiny, who read this poem at the Candlelight Vigil on January 13th, 2016

cv destiny


Everything bad starts on a peaceful day,

then turns into the day lives were taken away.


One soul down a million more to go.

Does the shooter care?


To him that beautiful mother of three was committing a bigger sin by raising her kids in this sinful country.

Bang! Bang!

Two more bodies tossed into the pile with their flashy iPhones now smeared in blood.

Bang! Bang!

A little girl with eyes of blue and gold sent straight down to the abyss just because of where she lived.

Bang! Bang!

Everywhere in the air, past your curls and into your fat skull.

Bang! Bang!

Some of the people he killed are of his own kind, but to him they’re miscreants who betrayed their God in the time of war.

Bang! Bang!

“Send out the bombs boys!   There are too many sinners here for me to handle,” he screams as he shoots at a little restaurant rat squirming on the floor.

Well, it lives in this country, so it must be filthy rich with sins.

Does he not hear his God calling to him in the name of his words?




The sound of guns and spatted blood is far louder.


The screams of the innocent ring in the shooter’s ear, but he only hears the devil’s voice in muffles saying, “Everything disguised as fair is truly foul! Now show them who is the true ruler in this town!”


Bang! Bang!


He hears from the other side of the door.


Oh, here more sinners come.


Then he pushes the button and the whole building goes BOOM!


A man who could not understand that there is more than one religion shot everything that disagreed with him, but what he didn’t realize was to do so he had to leave his own religion behind.

Who’s the real sinner now?



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