Ode to Black

by Gaby

I’m lost in you.
Your darkness wraps around me, hugging me.
I feel safe enclosed in your shadows; I want to grab you.
I want to hold you close; soft whispers to whisk you closer to me.
Black, I wear you. I feel even better when you’re on me.
The darkness is there for me when I don’t want anyone to see me, you’re my shield.
“Thank you,” I say.
The night time’s black sky is another kiss on my cheek when I see you, for when I want to close my eyes to rest there you are again, dear old Black.
Black, you haven’t left me like all the other colors did.
Produced by an entire absence of light, my lovely Black, take me away.
For when I’m feeling hollow, you fill me with love.
You mix so easily with others, the spectrum you create has depth and meaning.
Oh, Black, you make me feel vibrant.
You’re everywhere Black, you’re the perfect accent in a garden, the color of the shadow that never leaves me.
The black coffee I drink in the morning that always welcomes me, then leaves me with a smile crept upon my face.
Oh, Black, I’m safe with you.

Gaby is a junior.  She says, “I’ve always loved writing; its the only form of speaking that I loved to do without actually having to talk.”


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