Cold Winter Day

a narrative poem by Antonio Perret, Class of 2012

Cold winter day leaves bodies frail.

One girl continues to wait, ever so pale.

This girl waits for a moment of warmth,

That may never be destined to come forth.


She waits for a chance at love,

But there is no sight of even one dove.

What can she do, other than wait?

Perhaps, this is just her fate.


Sitting on a bench, she sees two swans fly away,

While she imagines that she may just decay.

Was it Aphrodite who brought her here to chill,

Or is she truly here by her own free will?


The hands on her watch show it’s been three hours,

She can’t even manage to smell any flowers.

Her small, prominent nose must already have frostbite,

And yet her pale face regains color from a beautiful light.


It appears to be a depressed, young man on his phone,

Sighing because a girl just dumped him, and left him alone.

The girl approaches him sincerely, thinking this is her chance,

And so, she takes the initiative, and asks him to dance.


Under the moonlight, the two embrace one another,

As if they were always meant for each other.

A void has vanished, taking away all past sorrow.

Warm winter night gives the two a better tomorrow.

From Antonio:  I graduated from Edison High School in June of 2012. I am attending the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, where I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in English Education. I plan to become an English Teacher. My inspirations include my life experiences, my grandparents (who are no longer alive), children/teens, art (in the form of books, novels, poetry, movies, images, anime, manga, cartoons, basically anything with the potential to invoke thoughts), and my past teachers with an emphasis on Ms Hart, my AP LangComp teacher, who taught me so much.  I cannot say I have been writing creatively for very long, since I have only started during my college years, but I do remember something that Ms. Hart told us in our last class that relates.  It was something along the lines of, “You are all true writers from the little sticky notes that are written on and posted in your books to the very practice essays that I have been assigning all yearlong. So do not let anyone tell you that you aren’t a true writer because you are, and I know everyone in this class will accomplish something great in life.” I carry these words deep in my heart and truly believe in them even to this day. The materials that I use are sticky notes, pencils/pens, Microsoft Word, Laptop, and my innermost thoughts and emotions.














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