a spoken word piece by Teresa

Girls are weak, you say? In your eyes we are egotistical glasses, filled to the brim with ourselves and at the slightest insult to our femininity, we shatter. We shatter? We shatter?

I’ll have you know that masculinity is one of the most delicate things I’ve ever seen. It is a lit birthday candle that has a gallon of gasoline poured on it in response to anything “girly.” It is a result of men putting women in their place but never seeming to know where they stand. It is when she finally puts herself above him and the glass of himself tips over, spills out and spreads itself upon her feet.

Masculinity is so fragile when his voice cracks his ego breaks.

Masculinity is so fragile he can’t just date a girl, he has to get inside her too.

Masculinity is so fragile he got angry when I wouldn’t send him naked pictures of myself.

Masculinity is so fragile he can’t date a girl who is taller than him.

He has to make sure their height difference is representative of who’s dominant.

Masculinity is so fragile he’s so quick to say “not all men” but is he going to say “not all women” when his friend jokes about us belonging in the kitchen?

Masculinity is so fragile a “no” is interpreted as “nice guys finish last” as if he needs a reward for acting like a human being.

Masculinity is so fragile he enjoys slut shaming,

Finds joy in demeaning a woman’s sexiness when it can’t be his,

Like devaluing her visual appeal is to compensate for his tiny dick.

Masculinity is so fragile he is uneasy because of my body,

Uneasy by my divine curves and rolls of fat in all the right places

Because a woman’s bust can only be big for the eyes of men to thoroughly relish in.

Call women fat as if her body is his possession.

Masculinity is so fragile he told his girlfriend to cover up her chest because that area is his.

Then got confused when that independent woman unlatched herself from his insecurities.

Masculinity is so fragile he pierces one ear because the other means you’re gay,

Like wearing pink means you’re gay,

Like using make up means you’re gay,

Like a man doing anything that a woman is supposed to do is gay, right?

So now he is oppressing two oppressed parties to avoid damaging his self-worth.

Masculinity is so fragile all rights are kept for middle-aged white men because they don’t want them being taken away.

Masculinity is so fragile, yet he tells you to “man up” because his ego is a fire that needs fuel to remind himself that men are above everybody else.


Masculinity is so fragile.

So did you seriously call girls “weak?”

Within the patriarchy, we are meaningless.

But I can make you choke on every word that you’ve said.

Make you crawl into the sea because you don’t want to exist.

So can you repeat that please?

Say it slowly, say it right into this “gay” ear,

Say it so that the women behind me have time to remove their earrings to shove it down your throat,

To file our manicures, make our nails sickeningly sharp to claw your eyes out,

To spread blood red across our lips then ask if there’s residue on our teeth so we can smile pretty as you quiver,

Did you really say that girls are weak when I could call every male out with this spoken word and watch them all shatter?

Teresa is in ninth grade.  She says, “I love art, but writing is the only form of art that I completely relish. I suck at drawing; anatomy is hard.”


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