I’m That Girl

a spoken word poem by Meghan (also available on SoundCloud here)

I have heard them all.

No, I am not pregnant–I am only 10 years old.

No, Twinkies are not my favorite–I hate their taste.

No, I don’t need a bigger size–I’m fine with this one.

No, I am not still hungry–I ate a whole burger.

All the jeers and jokes made behind my back:

I heard them.

Standing up for myself just to be labeled as abusive, ignorant and impolite.

But they don’t know that I, am far from rude

And they, are rude’s twin brother.

I’m that girl who holds the door open for everyone, even if it means I’m late for class.

I’m that girl who moves her seat for you to get your way when in reality I hate my new seat.

I’m the girl that checks if you’re okay when you fall even if you are visibly fine.

I’m that girl whose hands hand out kindness, only to be burned with the flame of hatred.

I’m that girl who gets the door slammed on her face.

I’m that girl who loses all her trust in everyone for one person’s misstep.

I’m that girl who breaks her ankle, only to be called a wuss and overlooked.

Now it is your turn.

I want to be that girl, the one who watches karma consume her victims,

who watches the door shut on you,

watches the glow you once had in your eyes fade as your trust diminishes,

for you to realize you are not okay but to have everyone turn their cheek.

And when you turn to me, mascara and tears kissing your cheeks before their departure,

I will welcome you, with open arms and listening ears,

Because, unlike you,

I’m that kind of girl.

Meghan is a freshman. She has been writing for 5 years. She says, “I like to write poems that focus on problems.  I like connecting with many people in the world.  I like to inspire as many people as I can; however, I love a happy poem once in a while.”


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