Ocean Steps

a poem in free verse by Destiny

The swirling ocean is gelid but gets warmer when you step in beside me, so I beg you.

Step in with me if you feel alone.

Step in with me if you feel like nothing.
Step in with me if you are nothing.

Now step out because you lied.

Step in with me if you have been looked down upon by the judgmental iced eye as it has cried tears of coldness onto your face, attempting to freeze your soul.

You step in with me and I don’t feel alone. I feel comfort and secure. I feel like something. I realize I am something.

But then I realize that you truly aren’t with me. I realize that you can never feel the years of pain inside me.You can never experience what I have experienced with the nights of wanting to just lie in my bed and sleep forever, so I could never feel ashamed of myself again.

The days of the wicked laughter that would try to force me into jumping in a black hole of lost faces.

That pain that felt like a million strands of barbed wire around me like a serpent, so each step I took towards the safe snug shore cut my mind.

The barbed wire screeched with joy as it watched me bleed.

Watch me lose myself.

Watch my favorite part of me die.
So, I step out never stepping in again. And that wicked iced eye drowns me in the coldness of oceans with tears not of sadness but happiness.

Destiny is a junior.  She says, “I always thought I was the only kid who loved writing stories and poems in my school, but then when I took Creative Writing I learned that I was not alone. I found that there are lots of people in my class and school who are as crazy for writing as I am. I don’t feel alone anymore.”


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