Beach Day

a haiku series by Enaya

The salty sea air

Mixes with the sweet scent of

Coconuts on trees.

Waves crash on the shore,

Slamming into sunbaked rocks

Like two big magnets.

Seagulls fly with grace,

Like small, delicate pilots.

Crabs shuffle on land.

Toes in the hot sand.

Small breeze tickles silk like skin.

The sun warms the air.

Sweet taste of ice cream

On this hot summer’s beach day,

Rejoice, my taste buds.

Enaya is in ninth grade.  She says, “I’m good at drawing, but I’ve always wanted to improve my writing. That’s why I took creative writing this year. In the past I didn’t have much experience with poetry, but I have learned much since then. I hope to become even better in the future.”


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