In This Artful House

Ms. DiOrio shared this poem (written in 2 minutes during her lunch period a few hours before) at the start of our Echoes Coffee House/Open Mic on Thursday, October, 15th. Photos and article to follow…

This gathering of young minds, hearts, and spirits
Warms my heart and makes me think
Anything is possible in a world
That too often disappoints, discourages, and confuses.

Here, in this artful house, we get nervous,
Take risks, and support each other.
We applaud
The dreams of our fellow humans.

Each one of us knows
The delight of a new idea, the fear of failure,
The agony of defeat, and the triumph of will.
Today, each one of us revels in victory.


3 thoughts on “In This Artful House

    • I didn’t see this comment until now! The year has been busy. I just got a look at your tanka poems. They are awesome. You have inspired me to create some tankas of my own. My spouse and I have created gatha cards with mindfulness sayings from one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books. It would be great to create such cards using tankas of our own. Thank you for the inspiration. — Jen DiOrio

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