Shattered Walls

a poem in free verse

by Destini Preisler, Class of 2015

Glass walls turn to brick.

Brick turns to stone.

Stone turns to steel.

Heart guarded by a perfect shield.

Words cut deep, but can’t get to me.

Choke me again, but you still can’t get in.

Hit me hard, but I’m still on guard.

Lie through your teeth, but it won’t affect me.

Now it’s all over, my attacker is gone.

He fully lost, but who really won?

Beaten, bruised, scarred,

But I’m still standing strong.

Now there’s someone new,

But what is trust?

When lies are used as truth,

Is it love or is it lust?

He tries to get in,

And I shut him out.

He treats me so right,

But I can’t help but doubt.

My mom says she likes him,

And my friends all say he’s good,

But what if he’s just like him?

What if I’m misunderstood?

I can’t go through the darkness again,

Blocking out my family and friends.

I just got the booming pain to end,

Yet I really want to start again.

He looks me dead in my eye,

And pleads with me to just try.

So I swallow my big pill of pride,

And finally let him see me cry.

I tell him about my past.

Everything about my last.

Silent minutes pass,

As my steel walls begin to crash.

Down goes the steel.

Down goes the stone.

Down goes the brick.

He sees me clearly through the glass.

Small, vulnerable, scared.

A child backed into a corner.

Nothing to hide, it’s all out there,

So I lay my head on his shoulder.

He shatters the glass,

I let him fully in.

I’m terrified of the past,

But I am ready to begin again.


Destini is studying English and Creative Writing at Hofstra University.


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