a poem in free verse

by Destini Preisler, Class of 2015

Acid in the air.

I’m blinded by the deep fog that absorbs into my eyes.

Is anybody there?

The smoke enters my lungs, as I’m choked by the lies.

The cold, hard touch of the creature in the darkness.

A deep shiver dances down my spine.

Black, Hard, Silence, Roughness.

I try to crawl inside the safety of my own mind.

A scratch appears on my arm,

Long, thin, deep, and red.

Never thought it would cause harm.

Face to face with the monster from under my bed.

My skin turns ice cold,

And my face turns pale white.

My knees begin to fold,

Terrified that it will strike.

My throat closes up against the fumes.

I am no longer me.

I have become only vapor, floating through the room.

Becoming ghostly, almost free.

The sharp pain in my head, brings me back to life.

As I notice the brown, blood shot eyes, staring at me in the distance.

My eyes focus on the knife.

I stare in disbelief; how could I miss this?

I take a step closer.

My hand strokes the cold glass.

I thought that this was over.

I can’t seem to get away from my past.

The mirror loomed in front of me.

I was no longer smoke.

I glared at the person I used to be.

Until the picture screamed, then broke.

I stare at the crimson liquid slowly dripping down my hand.

My knuckles slowly creak.

The knife steadily raises like the baton in a band.

My future looking bleak.

I lay on the broken glass.

A slow, twisted smile on my face.

I strike my heart, forget the past,

Sink into the darkness and wait.


Destini is studying English and Creative Writing at Hofstra University.


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