A School That Ditches All the Rules, But Not the Rigor

By Tina Barseghian, Mind/Shift

From article:

I think of rigor in a very hyper-dimensional way. It’s not just acquisition, which is what a lot of schools especially at the K-12 level focus on — the ability to retain intellectual knowledge to be able to communicate that intellectual knowledge back. That works very well for the test-taking society.

Being a highly knowledgeable and highly adaptive, self-driven, well-rounded human being. That is my definition of rigor. What we get at is the absolute best route to rigor because the information is not changing. We are not teaching less — in many cases we are teaching more — it’s how we are teaching it and what kinds of additional knowledge skills and abilities are

Lucien Vattel
Lucien Vattel

enabled by engaging it in an interactive, authentic way that’s more life reflective, that gets us to a person who can be driven by their own passions, who can understand things at a complex level to be able to engage in discourse at a complex level and to be able to negotiate that information and their emotions, and their interpersonal relationships, and inter-business relationships at a high level. So if you think about that level of rigor, all of those skills at that adaptive level lead to entrepreneurialism, lead to the ability to lead in a variety of contexts, take on very complex and deeply difficult situations, to be able to take on new situations and also be able to engage in what you’ve learned in a way that allows you to perfect your knowledge so that it never stops and that you are constantly driven to do. That, to me, that’s rigor. — Lucien Vattel

Read the rest of the article here.


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