Coffee House 135

At Coffee House 135 yesterday, my junior honors students once again amazed and inspired with their intelligence, knowledge, and creativity. One student read an excerpt from her 320-page novel that will soon be published.  Another showed a video of himself playing a 9-minute composition by Chopin.  Others shared an ode, sonnets, satirical character portraits, a hypothetical situation in essay form, perspectives on love and the natural world, 1-2 sentence and 50-word stories, pottery and sculptures, paintings, photographs, uplifting cross-stitch designs, a passage from an epic poem and a novella, shoes decorated with images from famous paintings, a contemporary dance, flash fiction pieces, a pop song, calligraphy, free verse poems, and more.

Here are pictures of some of the students who participated in each class.

Period 3

Coffee House 2

Period 7/8

Coffee House 5

Period 9/10

COffee House 3

Period 12

COffee House 4

They make me proud to be a teacher.

— Ms. DiOrio

Coffee House 135 has been going strong in Room 135 at Edison High School for 13 years.  These are the first pictures taken of the events.  More will follow…


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