a flash fiction piece by Destini

His arms wrapped around my waist as I was lifted into the air, spun around, and placed down, only inches away from the prodding eyes that bore into mine. My breath caught in my chest as I found myself in a trance. “This is it,” I thought. “He’s finally going to tell me that they are done for good. He’s going to lean down and kiss me and everything will be perfect like it was supposed to be from the start before she screwed up the picture.” He cleared his throat, breaking my trance as I looked up at him expectantly.

“What are you doing after school, Delilah?” he asked me while staring deep into my dark brown eyes.

“Well, I have work ’til six thirty, but I might be able to get out a little earlier if I want. Why do you ask?” I responded with a small smirk.

“No reason,” he replied as he looked down at my feet, then glanced away suddenly. “I’ll catch you later.”

I watched him walk down the hallway to one of his countless girl friends locker and put his arm around her. I know he is a flirt and there is nothing going on with him and any of them, but I still can’t help but get a little aggravated.

“Hey!” my best friend Tamie exclaimed. “I saw you talking to him. Did he finally tell you that he and Nancy broke up?”

“No! I don’t understand. He kisses me while they are together, then promises that he was going to break up with her. Now they’re finally done and he won’t tell me. I don’t understand him. We have been on and off for three years, and I still can’t stand him.”

“But you still love him, though.”

I glanced at Tamie for a long time and then sighed, “Shut up.”

“It’s okay. For what it’s worth, that’s my big brother, and I still don’t get him. Just don’t give up. I know he cares about you a lot.”

“Alright, whatever you say. Not like I have a choice. I tried moving on. Nothing works. So I’m just stuck being miserable, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit! I’ll catch you later. We still on for the prom proposal later?”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ll see you later. Oh, and Tamie?”


“Never mind. Just don’t forget to make sure he’s at the house by three. I took off of work already.”

“I got you girl. This is going to be fun! Cheer up.”

I tried to cheer up. I moved from class to class, but I couldn’t concentrate. All I could think about was him. His brown eyes, his big smile, his toned body, all six feet of it. God, did I hate him! Yet, Tamie was right. After three years with Jaylen, I couldn’t help it, I fell in love with him. All those late night conversations about childhoods and family and dreams and nightmares, everything led to me falling uncontrollably and undeniably in love with him. The only problem is, I don’t know how he really feels. He has been my best friend first and foremost for forever, but best friends tend to fall for each other easily. It sucks that I know how he is, which is an egotistical jerk, a good liar, and…he has a tendency to cheat. I know all of this and yet I still have this ridiculous idea that maybe he means it when he says that he could never hurt me on purpose by cheating. I hate it. I hate him. No, I don’t. Everyone knows it; I just wish I could.

The day passed until I finally found myself setting up for his prom proposal. Everything was set up perfect. I had the scavenger hunt set up to every single place in our neighborhood that Jaylen and I had either kissed or shared a special moment. I waited at the end of the scavenger hunt in his house with his favorite donuts and the word PROM spelled out behind me. All that was left was to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. It had been over two hours. I know we had a lot of moments but not enough for two hours of walking. I started to walk out of the house to start looking for him when my phone rang.


“Delilah?” Tamie asked in a shaky voice.

“Hey girl! Where are you and your brother? I’ve been waiting here for like two hours. You should have been done an hour and a half ago. I mean-.”

“Delilah,” Tamie interrupted.

“What?” I answered impatiently.

“He’s in the hospital, Del. He’s hurt bad.”

“What. I- I don’t understand. Who’s in the hospital? Where’s Jaylen?”

“Delilah. He was hit by a car. Hit and run. They ran him right over. He has a collapsed lung. They don’t- they- they don’t think he’s going to make it,” Tamie replied as she burst into tears.

I couldn’t breathe. The world tilted sideways and my vision blurred. This wasn’t real. None of this was real.

“Delilah? Del, did you hear me? He’s dying.”

“I’ll be there in ten,” I whispered as I slammed my phone into my purse and ran to the car. I sped the whole way there almost getting into an accident of my own. I rushed into the hospital and ran up to his room, taking the stairs two at a time instead of the elevator. This was a matter of life or death. No time for elevator music to calm down my fried nerves. I burst through the door, startling Tamie who had mascara streaking down her pale red cheeks. I held my breath and walked slowly over to the bed, while Tamie just stared at me silently. Jaylen’s beautiful big brown eyes were open, bruised black and blue all over. He looked so fragile. I wasn’t used to seeing him like this. He had always been my protector, the strong one, the one who had to lift me and press me against a wall for every kiss, even the little ones. Now here he was, dying. I let out the breath I had been holding since I entered the room and leaned over to kiss Jaylen’s head.

“I love you, Jay. I always have and I always will and I’m sorry we never got our chance. But you need to pull through. We are going to prom together. We are growing old together. I forbid you to die now.”

Jaylen just stared back at me and tried to smile. He beckoned me closer and whispered, “I love you, too. I always have.” Then he closed his eyes and died in my arms as the letters P, R, O, and M fell to the floor.

z7809 silver prom


Destini is a senior.  She says, “I have been writing since fourth grade and love composing songs and fantasy/fiction stories.”


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