One and a Half Legs

a flash fiction piece by Qainat

Ever since that incident, my life changed drastically. Everyone’s did, actually.

“Hey! The sun is setting, the weather’s nice, and it’s summer! Why don’t we go for a joy ride around the city?”

Of course, no one is to be of blame. After all, nobody could predict the future. It was just an innocent suggestion, one that I made.

“Come on! Hurry up, Lizzie! The faster we leave now the more time we’ll have cruising!”

Maybe I should’ve been more patient. Maybe I shouldn’t have rushed anybody.

“I call shotgun!” I claimed, excitedly opening the door once I heard the car ‘beep.’

We’re a group of five friends. It’s the perfect night to go out for a bit. The other four, including Lizzie (our driver), finally made their way to her Jeep.

Would it have been different if somebody else was in the front instead of me?

The cool breeze brushed by us as we admired the beauty of the streets at night.

One of my friends who sat in the back tells me it gets harder to sleep at night, especially in the winter when the weather turns cold.

We were dramatically singing the songs that came on the radio. If there was one we didn’t know, we’d either dance like we were in a music video or change the station. It didn’t matter to us. We’d still be laughing.

Another friend who was also sitting in the back says it’s hard to listen to any of those songs without reliving the memories.

“Punch buggy!” I shouted before punching Lizzie in the arm.

“Don’t punch the driver,” she said, never taking her eyes off the road. She glanced back once at my pouting form, before returning the punch to my arm. “No punching the driver!” Lizzie yelled as I moved to punch her once more.

She never plays that game with me anymore. Even when we’re not in a car, Lizzie doesn’t ‘pretend fight’ with me. I thinks she feels guilty, even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

“Hahaha! Remember that time Lizzie and I binge watched the Harry Potter movies during the summer? Starting at sunset?” I mention out of the blue, laughing at the memory.

“I can’t believe we had the time!” she smiled with me.

“And that the two of you didn’t fall asleep. You guys finished at, like, noon, too!” The third friend seated at the back exclaimed, still appalled.

“It’s an accomplishment,” Lizzie and I smugly said, giving each other high-five’s before the traffic light in front of us turned to green.

“We should all binge watch together one day. The more, the merrier!”

I guess those plans won’t happen as soon as I thought they would. But I’ll give them time. They need time.

The sky became noticeably darker than when we left the house. “Hmm. I spy with my little eye something … yellow,” said Lizzie.

“Is it the lettering on the street?”


“My hair?”


“That cab?”

“Guess again.”

“Hmm. Is it that sign?”

“You got it! Okay you’re turn.” Lizzie said while preparing to turn right.

“I spy with my little eye something … what’s that bright light?”

“What light?” There was a loud honk.

“Oh my god!” Then there was a crash.

We encountered a drunk driver. Thankfully, Lizzie was able to rotate the car a little, leaving most of us with only a few scars. But I wasn’t as lucky as them.

“Oh my god! Somebody call an ambulance! Come on, come on, please be alright.”

“She’s losing too much blood! When’s the ambulance going to be here!”

“Please don’t die.”

I was wounded a lot more, as the car of the drunk driver crashed more into my side at the front.

Later, I couldn’t look at myself the same way. Neither could my friends. Lizzie especially kept on blaming herself, but it wasn’t her fault. I tell her at least we’re all alive, but whenever she looks at me, she doesn’t see a whole person. She sees one and a half legs.

legs 2



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