50-Word Stories

Students in Creative Writing wrote the following 50-word stories (micro fiction).  Why not submit one of your own?


by Ruichuan

“Hey, are we there yet?” The boy asks.

“Chill, okay? We’ll get there,” the woman replies.

“I know that, obviously. Just don’t leave me stranded like before. I’ve waited too long and my

stone seat is really getting uncomfortable,” the boy adds.

The sculptress smiles and continues to chisel the great marble stone before her.

minimalistic cowboy bebop radical edward monochrome contrast 1280x800 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_1

Untitled (thus far)

by Mehreen

Jimmy slept each night thinking that monsters stared right back at him as he fell into deep sleep. Mama and papa told him it wasn’t true, that monsters didn’t exist…the very same night that little Jimmy was taken from his bed and sold.



by Destini

He took one look at me and knew what to do. He came close, looked me deep in my big

brown eyes, wrapped his arms around me and told me it would be okay. I held him close and

held in the three words that made everything worse as his girlfriend walked in.


Untitled (as of now)

by Sang

They say you get used to the chains around your arms. They say that after the first fortnight of imprisonment that the pain goes away and all but the numbness slowly envelops you. They say you will fall into a deep spiral of insanity as you fall to slumber. But they were wrong.



by Ella

We were holding each other’s hand tightly as we rushed to the car. We did not need an umbrella, for his presence protected me from the darkness around the city. Under the dark clouds we stood out like lightning, strong and bright. But when we entered the car this darkness brought us unfortunate fate.



We hope to post more stories soon.  The images above were obtained through a Google image search.  Copyrights apply.


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