a poem in free verse by Destini

The waves crash on to the beach of my heart

As dark gray clouds swell overhead.

No longer have a lifeguard,

So I drown on to my sandy bed.

Red, black, blue, pulsing panic.

The storm rushes in.

Waves crash down like in Titanic,

But I do more than sink.



Storm ceased,

As I lay on the bottom.



Mind at ease,

Drifting back to autumn.

Your protective arms around me.

Your soft laugh in my ear,

Saying we were meant to be,

And I have nothing left to fear.

But once again, he was wrong.

As the days grew colder,

I turned around and he was gone.

Into the arms of another.

Another war starts at home,

But my general is gone.

Brutal pain like I’ve never known,

But he doesn’t know what’s going on.

My step father screams.

My mother cries,

While I just sit there done.

There is no team,

Nor family.

No, everyone is gone.

The war is over; they all win.

There’s nothing left to take.

No longer have the will to swim,

So I close my eyes and wait.

Destini is a senior. She says, “I am more of a songwriter than a poet. I have been writing songs since fourth grade and love singing and writing.”


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