One and Two-Sentence Stories

These stories are by students in Creative Writing. Note: some of the stories are of the horror genre. Be warned!


Hitting my face on the glass, I pushed the door, and then I saw the word pull. — Anonymous

I stomped the ground hoping that Earth would answer me back and return those whom we had lost. — Mehreen

“We could be anything” was only acceptable to her if she agreed upon it. — Mehreen

Gazing at the stars, holding his hand, and being lifted by him were some of my fondest memories.  Not until I was 31 did I realize that he was the same man who had abducted me. — Mehreen

Surrounded by a large group of people, he had never felt so alone. — Nicole

Hands outstretched, she stuck her head out the window. She knew she was dead when she got home, but in that moment, she had never felt more alive. — Nicole


I was tapping my pencil, and it went flying across the room into the eye of the boy that I kind of liked. — Ella

His last words were “You should have told me earlier,” yet he never told me how he felt. — Anonymous

Someone yelled “Break a leg” before she jumped off the bridge. — Bilal

I got a heart for Valentine’s Day. I should have taken it after she stopped screaming. — Bilal

He makes me want to write sappy love poems. — Anonymous

Mary-Anne was tired of waiting, so she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. — Destini

The footsteps grew louder and louder, but when Anna turned around, she was alone. She called out to see if anyone was there, but only felt the chill of bare skin on her neck. — Destini

I thought I’d be able to sneak out and meet a friend. Clearly I forgot about my alarm system. — Skylar


People slipping on ice was all fun and games until I was the one struggling to get up. — Skylar

The television turned to static, the lights went out, and the door slammed shut. And in that moment, they were upon us. — Brittany

I never knew what I was capable of until I left her off-read for the first time. — Ella

She was preparing for her 18th birthday with excitement, and with hunger in her eyes she was staring at her dinner while it struggled to run away. By the end of the night she was something else. — Ella

Tick on Skin

The tick crawled under her skin. It went behind her eye. — Krista


Why not submit one of your own?


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