Love is Pain and Pain is Love

a non-traditional sonnet by Destini


The word heartbroken is no justification for the pain I feel.

I would rather have a knife struck and twisted deep into the soul…of my side.

Nobody told me that falling in love is real.

Nor did they tell me that it would be impossible to hide.

I fell for the wrong guy.

Or at least that is what my friends would say.

I fell for every lie.

Yet he was still the only thing on my mind all day.

I was like a newborn clinging to her mother.

While he held me and showed me he cared.

He protected me like an older brother.

When in reality he was never really there.

Now he has disappeared without a trace.

And from my life he has been fully erased.

Destini is a senior. She says, “I am more of a songwriter than a poet. I have been writing songs since fourth grade and love singing and writing.”


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