Express Me Rap

by Kyle

Make a rap — to express me?

I was like, pfft,

That’s gonna be easy,

Ms. D.

Hey class, wassup?

How you all doing?

My name is Kyle Smith,

And there’s a goal I’m pursuing.

I wanna be a music producer,

But the world ain’t nice.

I gotta keep it practical

To succeed at life.

I was born with asthma,

Lungs so tight.

I had the confidence,

But no muscles to match.

I was an innocent kid,

Sensitive too.

Thrown in the jungle

Called middle school.

I was awkward, weird,

Unprotected and scared.

I never really liked

Being there.

I never liked that school

Cuz’ of how it made me change.

Now I’m still fighting to break

The habits that I made.

Even in high school,

I’m going through stages.


Adapting to the environment,

Always changing.

I built a shell around me,

To protect innocence inside me.

But every now and then,

It manages to break free.

It’s soft and it’s warm,

And it’s too kind in this

Big cruel world.

Gotta patch the hole,

Gotta keep it hidden.

Cuz’ if it’s hurt,

All of me

Is gonna be


My family says I’m a flirt,

And it’s true, un poco.

But I’ve been more single than

Poor Quasimodo.

I see my friends dating

All the time.

But once they break-up,

They don’t look each other in the eye.

A once great friendship,

Evaporated in the sky.

Imma Cancer,

My ruling planet is the Moon.

Call me Jack Frost ‘cuz

He chose me too.

I’m compassionate and caring,

I don’t spark easy.

But once I’m lit

I’m raging.

Hear me?

I’ll raise the sea,

And level the land.

Ending all enemies

With pure brutality.

Seldom, I show mercy!

Don’t walk my path.

If you’re my adversary

I’ll split you in half.

To protect my friends and family,

I’ll show my dark side.

Call me Kelly Clarkson,

‘Cuz can you love mine?

Caring and compassion,

Dark and stone cold.

Demon−angel hybrid.

Halo with horns.

I hold back my dark side,

I don’t wanna show it.

‘Cuz if I hurt those I love,

I’ll 100% regret it.

Sometimes I hate the world,

‘Cuz of what it did to me.

I learned hatred and rage,

Not my favorite teach.

I am caring and loving,

Passive and soft.

Need to cry,

Here’s my shoulder to lean on.

There’s a yin and a yang

To every human being.

Gotta maintain the balance,

Keep the stream steady.

I’m a mix of things,

And this ain’t all of it.

I’m not usually open like this,

I keep my person issues


But I was told to express myself,

And I’m quite obedient.

But don’t blame me,

If there was something

You didn’t wanna see.

‘Cuz we’re all 50/50,

Dark and Light.

Kyle is a junior.  He says, “This is gonna sound really cliche, but I only got into rap probably because I listened to a lot of Eminem. I can’t remember when I started, but I do remember I didn’t really write it down or put it anywhere. It just stayed in my head, so this is one of the few that’s actually typed up. And I hope you enjoy!”



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