To My Enemy

a parody of a Shakespearean sonnet

by Surabi

Shall I compare thee to a rainy day?

A storm is more pleasurable than you.

Fallen trees create a wondrous display,

Harmonious are the winds and thunder too.

The cloudy sky brighter than your skin tone

And more entertaining is the monsoon.

So fragrant is the scent of rain on stone

More joyous a storm on an afternoon.

The rain cooperates more than you will

And hurricanes prove more optimistic.

The sound of your name gives my bones a chill.

Life without you would be just fantastic

And you’ll never improve. As the saying goes,

At least stormy days are followed by rainbows.

Surabi is a senior. She says, “Writing this sonnet was initially an assignment for Ms. Corsun’s A.P. Literature class (what I considered a chore), but as I started to piece it together, I was surprised at how easily the words flowed. It is a parody of Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 18,’ a poem to his lover. Mine is inspired by the strong feelings produced when someone meets or thinks about his or her enemy. In addition to writing, I mostly enjoy sketching, painting, and the visual arts, but I like to branch out my creative talent in other ways when I can.”


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