Echoes/A.T.A.C. Coffee House Open Mic Is A Success!

On behalf of Echoes Literary Magazine Online and Assertive Teens Against Cancer, I’d like to thank everyone who supported and attended the February and March coffee houses/open mics, including administrators, teachers, students, custodians, and other staff members.  They were a success!  The range of talent at Edison High School is astounding.

If you are on Facebook, the pictures and videos of today’s event will be posted soon.  February pictures and videos are already posted.   Our Echoes page is located here: .
We also enjoyed great (and framed!) art thanks to Mrs. Colletto and her Visual Arts 1 students and delicious baked goods supplied by the members of A.T.A.C. and Echoes as well as others.  We even shed a few tears.  As one student said when she left the library, “Singing makes me melt.”
The amazing picture book art is located on this Echoes page:
Stories, poetry, art, dance, and music definitely restore and inspire, especially after a long winter.

Happy Spring,
Ms. DiOrio  🙂
English teacher
Advisor, Echoes Literary Magazine Online

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