I’m falling down the vortex of your words/ Toxic

a Shakespearean sonnet

by Kristine

I’m falling down the vortex of your words,

So trapped in lightless swirl, I’ve lost my zing.

Your voice the quiet tune of singing birds,

I cannot leave the grasp of flowing rings

That hug ears tightly. Sweet world is a mess.

I try, I try, to dodge cigar smoke blown

Towards countless spaces of my own. Oppress

Me as you will, my stronger heart dethrones.

The fears that glide down my chest cannot compare

To freedom running through my veins. How sweet,

This feeling is. Reverse, won’t even dare.

The reigns fall slowly, dropping your deceit.

Those tightened hands and monsters all released.

A stranger once again, I finally breathe.

Kristine is a sophomore. She says, “I am inspired by the world around me and the observation of people and relationships. I was never really confident in the language arts until seventh grade, when I learned to describe in detail and deepen my interests in reading.”


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