A photo series by Jiayi

Camera - In the Skies

Camera - Forbidden City

Camera - Flower

Camera - 'Venice of the East'

Camera - Modern Suzhou

Camera - 'Space'

Jiayi is a junior. She says the following:

These photos are all unedited and are just a few of the many I’ve taken during my multiple trips to China dating from 2010–2011 (back when I had time to take photos for fun). I use an Olympus PEN E-P1 digital camera with Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens. When it comes to taking photos, the best ones are never the planned out ones for me, which totally contradicts my general being as a whole (I live upon organization and order). It’s one of the few things I can do spontaneously and freely, but also allows me to experience great joy.

The first photo is just something I took while on the plane, but I never noticed how blue the sky can be until once in the sky.

The second one of the Forbidden City is actually one of the photos I take the most pride in. I remember when taking this photo, a lot of people were crowded in this same area to capture a generic photo of the Forbidden City. My mom forced me to go take a photo as well, and thus I (unwillingly) pushed my way through the crowd and somehow got to the perfect position for the photo. I quickly snapped a photo then ran out of the crowd, relieved to finally be able to breathe. When I looked back at the photo afterwards, I noticed that the alignment of it was, well, perfect. Somehow, I managed to capture the Forbidden City in pretty perfect alignment while in a rush, and even today, I still have a hard time accepting that it’s a photo of my own.

The third photo of the pink flower was when I went to the Shaolin Temple and every time I look at it, I’m reminded of a screen capture in some Asian historical drama.

The next two photos are of Suzhou–also known as the “Venice of the East.” Nowadays, Suzhou is divided into an older, more traditional Chinese half, while the other half is much more modern and clearly Western-influenced, as seen in the photos.

And finally, the last photo of the Sun… space… model… thing was taken in the Henan Museum that I visited.


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