The Cookie

A meditation by Daniel

So sweet, so fragile, like a young girl’s heart. It made me feel like a different man. I’ve been with other cookies before, but I’ve never experienced something quite like this. It wasn’t its looks or feel that drew me to it; it was its flavor, the culmination of everything it was comprised of and everything it had gone through that attracted me to it. It was different, this much I could tell from the first sniff, but I didn’t know how different it would actually be. It was a pleasant surprise. Now I only have one regret that our time together wasn’t longer. No, what am I saying? It is with me. In here [*holding stomach*].

Daniel is a junior. He says, “This is a little monologue thing I wrote that was inspired by Ms. DiOrio’s class today. Needless to say, the cookie was very, very good.”


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