a free verse poem

by Kristine

I am the flickering flame of a burning candle,

The wandering foot prints in

The middle of the woods.

I fall into space

With an endless hunger for stars.

Quietly, I tiptoe

Into the universe with bright eyes,

Exploring every corner for a

Piece of myself.

When I look in the mirror,

My vision fails me;

I search for an answer, but

All I have are questions.

My face tells me I am weak —

Plagued by the debris of carelessness.

My birth tells me I am strong —

Dictated by the might of the Sun.

But what do I tell myself?

My youth says blissful ice cream,

And my future says reliable rice.

My present showcases youth and future,

Battling to the death, screaming

“What do you want?”

My name,

Bequeathed to me along with life,

Is lost in translation.

Christine calls out to the Heavens,

But Kristine does not.

Yet how can I light up

When I hear “Kristine”?

Kristine is a sophomore. She says, “I am inspired by the world around me and the observation of people and relationships. I was never really confident in the language arts until seventh grade, when I learned to describe in detail and deepen my interests in reading.”


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