Layers of a Girl

A poem by p.d.

Her leather jacket
Is the top layer,
Black and bold,
Her false confidence.

She wears a long sleeve
Chic blouse,
Her grace.

Dig a little deeper,
And you find
Her camisole,
A soft white,
Her fragility.

But the last layer,
That no one will ever see,
Plain, black lingerie,
Hidden, just like
Her insecurity.

p.d. says, “I’m a freshman. My English teacher, Mrs.Frey, suggested that I submit one of my poems to the Echoes Literary Magazine. I really love to write and I guess I’ve been writing for 3-4 years now. Some of my inspirations are authors like John Green, Sarah Dessen, Stephanie Perkins, and Stephen Chbosky. I write just to write and to make other people happy.”


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